The Beatels

Lights, Action, Beatles! In an instant, you are transported - back to a time of John, Paul, George & Ringo. Back to when Beatlemania first began. From Twist & Shout to Get Back.

Welcome to THE BEATELS - the Beatles tribute group that has been wowing audiences around the world with their fab recreation of The Beatles live on stage since 1996!

The Beatles are one of the most popular groups of all time! Their music is known and loved all around the world, & their songs continue to inspire and thrill generations of music-lovers. THE BEATELS perform songs from the entire musical career of The Beatles, from Please Please Me to Let It Be - and more! Their show features a wide selection of hits, as well as some special surprises!

They use a variety of costumes, but they generally perform a 2-set show, featuring an early period Black & White set (1962-1965) and a later period Psychedelic set (1966-1970), using authentic Beatle instruments, just like the ones the Beatles used to play their songs.

THE BEATELS have an extensive collection of authentic 1960's instruments, which is one of the reasons why they can capture the sound of The Beatles so accurately.

The thing that sets this group apart from the others the attention to details and the quality of the musicianship. Lush, live, 4-part harmonies, with note-for-note performances of Beatles recordings - this group has to be seen to be believed.

Accents that get Scousers swearing "they must come from England", vocals that sound just like the real thing, & the closest John Lennon lookalike in Australia, makes THE BEATELS not only one of the most professional, but also one of the most authentic tributes acts in the world today!

Australia gets many tourists from Liverpool - the birthplace of The Beatles. Invariably, they comment at the end of shows that THE BEATELS are more realistic than even the supposed top Beatle tributes from England. They should know!

Bruce Coble, who plays John, has been performing Beatles music to audiences around the world for 25 years, & other members of the group have been performing Beatles music together onstage for over 15 years, making THE BEATELS one of the most experienced and professional Beatles tributes in the world!

Special events, festivals, corporate functions - even weddings and birthdays - THE BEATELS are a favourite for events organisers looking for a versatile & classy show! Because they have such a huge repertoire of songs, they can tailor their set to whatever is needed, whether it is a high energy party, or a captivating and classy dinner show. They have shared the stage with a range of high profile performers, such as Olivia Newton-John, Russell Morris, John Paul Young, Pete Best, Herman's Hermits, The Platters, The Drifters, Normie Rowe, Chubby Checker, Little Patti, Marty Rhone, Barry Crocker - the list goes on. THE BEATELS are experienced performers who know how to put on a show!

THE BEATELS regularly perform at major international events and these days are more often than not playing outside of Australia. In the last few years, they have been regular visitors to Singapore and Malaysia, with other shows in Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, and of course, The Cavern Club in Liverpool - the very place where Beatlemania began!

THE BEATELS are the real deal, and they will amaze you every time.


THE BEATELS have a consistent line-up, & this is one of the secrets to the way they maintain their quality.

Bruce Coble is John Lennon

Bruce Coble
as "John Lennon"

Bruce is one lucky guy. Not only does he love playing the role of John Lennon with THE BEATELS, he just happens to bear an uncanny resemblance to the great man. The Sydney Morning Herald called his resemblance "spooky", but no matter what you call it, it's a handy thing. Combine that with the stances, the accent, the style - and you have one breathtaking impersonation of John Lennon. And he has been doing now for 25 years!

Bruce began his career as a John Lennon impersonator in 1990, when he joined another Beatles act called The Beatnix, which is where he first met the other founding members of THE BEATELS. He quickly gained a reputation as the most recognisable Lennon impersonator in Australia from his appearances with that group on Hey Hey It's Saturday, The Midday Show, & internationally, & even for his part in a now famous Beatle-version of "A Stairway To Heaven" . Since forming THE BEATELS in early 1996, his impersonations of John Lennon with THE BEATELS have been applauded around the world, & now in his 25th year of "being John", it doesn't look like stopping soon!

Glenn Wheatcroft is Paul McCartney

Glenn Wheatcroft
as "Paul McCartney"

Glenn has been a fan of The Beatles since he was a child, and his love of the music shines through in his performances as Paul McCartney with THE BEATELS. A natural left-hander & gifted instrumentalist, just like Paul McCartney, Glenn shares Macca's vocal range and talent with the bass guitar, and brings the spirit of Sir Paul to life on stage for all who see him perform.

Glenn has performed in a number of Beatle-bands over the years, and joined THE BEATELS in August 2013, adding that special "Macca magic" to every performance. In his spare time, Glenn saves turtles in his local area in Sydney, which is good news if you are a Western Sydney wandering turtle. He also has an undying passion for the South Sydney Rabbitohs, & can often be heard shouting "Go the bunnies". He has also recorded and released his own original tracks, which reflect his love of classic rock and a great melody. Glenn has continued to develop in the role of "Paul" with THE BEATELS over the years since he joined, & has been wowing crowds with his vocal & musical talents!

Marcus Phelan is George Harrison

Marcus Phelan
as "George Harrison"

Marcus is a guitarist's guitarist. He spent the 1980's and much of the 1990's playing in some of the top original bands in Australia - Brave New Works, Spy v Spy, The Numbers, Jeremy Oxley's Chinless Elite and The Allniters to name a few. He also spent a few years in the early 1990's playing the part of George Harrison in The Beatnix with Bruce and the other founding members of THE BEATELS, before heading off to play original music again.

Marcus re-joined Bruce and the others in THE BEATELS in 1999, and has been the resident "George Harrison" ever since. His strong voice and stylish guitar technique have made him one of the best Harrison impersonators in the world. He is a skilled slide guitar player, & like George, loves playing the ukelele! Marcus has gained a reputation amongst Beatle aficionados for his ability to pull off the highly challenging vocal & guitar parts that made George Harrison such an integral part of The Beatles. In his 16th year as George with THE BEATELS, Marcus is one of the best you will ever see!

Neil Rankin is Ringo Starr

Neil Rankin
as "Ringo Starr"

Neil Rankin makes the perfect Ringo Starr. His immaculate attention to detail, along with the thumping spirit that was The Beatles' rhythm section, recreates the distinctive sound of Ringo, and completes the world class lineup that is THE BEATELS.

Neil is a multi-talented man. & in his earlier days, he was even a high school English teacher, but he is definitely no stranger to world class tribute acts. During the 1990's, Neil was the drummer for one of the best tribute acts Australia has ever produced - The Australian Doors Show. In that group, he toured the world, playing to packed theatres throughout Europe and elsewhere. They even did their own "Doors" version of "A Stairway To Heaven" !

Neil joined THE BEATELS in 2002, and since then, has completed the world class lineup that we have today. He uses an authentic set of Ludwig drums, to recreate the look and sound of Ringo Starr. He also has an unnatural passion for the South Sydney Rabbitohs, & can also often be heard shouting "Go the bunnies"! Neil also writes and has recorded original music with the group Post. He also spreads his talents with other groups, including Cool Britannia & The Ian Francis Band.


Some posters from themed shows previously performed by THE BEATELS

  • Unreeled - Hard Days Night AND Let It Be Naked
  • 1965 Special
  • Blue Album Special
  • John Lennon Memorial Concert
  • Beatles By Request
  • Peppered By Requests
  • Beatles By Request
  • 40th Anniversary of Revolver
  • Psychedelic Spring Happening
  • George Harrison Tribute
  • Beatles By Request Dec 30 2006
  • White Album Live
  • Classic Beatles Album Tracks
  • 1969 and Beyond
  • Let It Be 40th Anniversary
  • John Lennon 70th Birthday


THE BEATELS use a variety of authentic Beatles gear to help them sound as authentic as they do! Check it out here!

12-string Rickenbacker

Rickenbacker 360/12

To get the classic 1964 12-string electric sound, we use the same guitar that George used


Epiphone Casino (Sanded Down)

John sanded down his Sunburst Casino before he used it on the Let It Be "rooftop gig" in 1969.


Gretsch Country Gentleman

George's classic early guitar sound came from this guitar


Hofner 500/1 Bass

Paul's iconic bass guitar from the early days of The Cavern in Liverpool


J160e Acoustic

John's 6-string acoustic that he used all through his Beatles career


Rickenbacker 325

The guitar that Lennon used in the early days of Beatlemania


Ludwig Drum Kit

The iconic Oyster Black Pearl drums used by Ringo since May 1963


"Rocky" Stratocaster

George's famous handpainted Fender Stratocaster

Ringo's Ludwig Maple Hollywood kit

Ludwig Maple "Hollywood" Kit

The kit made famous by Ringo on the "rooftop" Let It Be gig.

George's Sunburst Epiphone Casino

Sunburst Epiphone Casino w/Bigsby

George's Sunburst Epiphone Casino with Bigsby tremelo that he purchased in 1965

Paul's Rickenbacker Bass

Rickenbacker Bass

Paul's Rickenbacker bass used from around the Sgt Pepper period

George's Rosewood Telecaster

Rosewood telecaster

The guitar used on the Let It Be sessions

John's Baritone Bass VI

Squier Fender Bass VI

The baritone bass used on many late era songs by John

Vox AC30 Amplifier

Vox AC30 Amplifier

The guitar amplifier used by John & George from the early years

Paul's Vox Super Beatle Vox Amp

Vox Super Beatle Bass Amp

The bass amp head used by Paul in the early years

John's Vox Python Guitar Strap

Vox Python Guitar Strap

The strap John asked Vox to make for him in the early years for his Rickenbacker 325.



Check out THE BEATELS live!


Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL Club
20-26 Canterbury Rd, Hurlstone Park NSW 2193 Australia

Show: 11:00am - 2:30pm
Free Entry!

Join "John" & "George" from THE BEATELS on Melbourne Cup Day for a great daytime "duo-Beatles" show at Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL. Featuring Bruce Coble as "John" & Marcus Phelan as "George", you'll hear a "gear" selection of Beatles hits as well as some surprises for the fans, in a very special cut-down acoustic mode, while you enjoy the very special atmosphere of Melbourne Cup Day 2017! And best of all, entry is free!


Lithgow Workmans Club
3-7 Tank St, Lithgow NSW 2790 Australia

Show: 8.30pm - 11:00pm
Free Entry! (Contact the club now to reserve your seats)

Join THE BEATELS for a fab night of Beatlemania at Lithgow Workmans Club, & be a part of the clubs massive 130 Year Anniversary night. Featuring Bruce Coble as "John", Richard Bevins as "Paul", Marcus Phelan as "George" and Neil Rankin as "Ringo", you'll hear a "gear" selection of Beatles hits as well as some surprises for the fans. There will be a ceremony and speeches to start the night, and then the band will take to the stage & get the joint jumping! And best of all, entry is free!


The Beach Club Collaroy
1058 Pittwater Road, Collaroy NSW 2097 Australia

Show: 9.00pm - 11.30pm
$20 members, $25 non-members
Unreserved seating in Horizon Lounge
Tickets on sale at reception or call 9971 5355 to purchase & pay via phone

Join THE BEATELS in the showroom for a fab night of pre-Xmas Beatlemania at the fabulous Beach Club in Collaroy. Featuring Bruce Coble as "John", Richard Bevins as "Paul", Marcus Phelan as "George" and Neil Rankin as "Ringo", you'll hear a "gear" selection of Beatles hits as well as some surprises for the fans.


Mounties, Mount Pritchard
101 Meadows Rd, Mount Pritchard NSW 2170 Australia

9.00pm - 12.30am

Ring in 2018 with THE BEATELS in the Members Bar for a fab night of Beatlemania at Mounties. Featuring Bruce Coble as "John", Richard Bevins as "Paul", Marcus Phelan as "George" and Neil Rankin as "Ringo", this will be the perfect way to see in the new year.


Club Merrylands
Newman St, Merrylands NSW 2160 Australia

8.30pm - 11.30pm
Ph: (02) 9637 9099

Join THE BEATELS for a fab night of Beatlemania at Club Merrylands. Featuring Bruce Coble as "John", Richard Bevins as "Paul", Marcus Phelan as "George" and Neil Rankin as "Ringo", you'll hear a "gear" selection of Beatles hits as well as some surprises for the fans.


Blacktown Workers Club
55 Campbell St, Blacktown NSW 2148 Australia

Show: 8.00pm - 10.30pm
Tickets available from the venue -

Join THE BEATELS for a fab night of Beatlemania at Blacktown Workers Club. Featuring Bruce Coble as "John", Richard Bevins as "Paul", Marcus Phelan as "George" and Neil Rankin as "Ringo", you'll hear a "gear" selection of Beatles hits as well as some surprises for the fans. This show will sell-out, so get your tickets early!


THE BEATELS are a truely remarkable tribute act. Like Bjorn Again they have artfully distilled an essence and carry off their projection with confidence and dexterity. I have seen them perform with strings and choirs, and as a hot rockin' Mersey beat quartet, and in every situation, no matter how ambitious, they really do become the Fab Four from Liverpool.

- Glenn A Baker
Rock Historian

The idea of a bunch of Australians impersonating the very British Beatles seems a little strange, especially since they do it so well that they are one of the premiere Beatles tribute bands in the world.

- Jeanine Tan
Singapore Today

Outstanding night guys - thank you! Feedback today was tremendous.

- Ryan Kokomo Freedman
Warners Bay Sports Club


To book THE BEATELS, please contact Rob Smith at Southbeat Entertainment Group